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P.T.S. Health and Fitness

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Jazz Barnwell

CPR, AED Member Service

Member Service


B.A. in Theatre Arts – Messiah College


CPR, AED Member Services


As Club Coordinator, Jazz ushers our members into a place where they can encounter purpose, transformation and success. She believes that with encouragement, healthy attitude, and determination, that the desired result can be achieved. Her heart for others translates outside of P.T.S. as she actively serves in her community through church and creative projects. Her love of music makes her the perfect person to ask in developing a good workout playlist!


Singing, Hip Hop Dance, J-Pop/KPop Dance, Dance Fitness, Yoga, Zumba, Writing (Lyrics, Poems, Stories), Drawing (Traditional, Digital), Video Editing, Gaming, Being a living meme

P.T.S. Health and Fitness